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P4C email - Tuesday 2nd February

Hi Everyone,

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and it is all about the theme ‘Expressing Yourself’. I know that your teachers have planned some activities around this theme for you to complete this week. There are so many different ways you can express yourself and it is a really good opportunity to celebrate all the wonderful things that make you YOU!

One way you could express yourself is through words. This was mentioned on the Place2Be’s assembly this week. I enjoyed making a ‘word cloud’ this week with lots of different characteristics like this:



Perhaps you could make a word cloud about you? You could write them down in different colours or use a website to help you like this one:

If you would rather express yourself in pictures, you could create a picture cloud instead. In fact, you could celebrate you in any way you like!

Make sure you find some way this week of celebrating all the wonderful ways that you are special and unique!

Mrs. March