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Year Four notifications

Dear Parents/Carers,


Please see below a few reminders/notifications:


Termly spelling test

We will be testing the children on their respective statutory word list during the last week of spring term. The lists have been attached for information, as well as a document which has lots of suggested activities to support your child. Your child should have a copy of their latest test at home and therefore you will be able to see the gaps to focus on.


Multiplication Tables Check

As you are aware the MTC will be taking place in June this year. In school, the children have been learning and practising the multiplication facts up to 12x12 and I am aware that they are also practising at home. As a result of their practise, their confidence and skills have increased which is great to see.


As a reminder, the MTC consists of 25 questions and pupils will be given 6 seconds to answer each one; there will be a 3 second pause between each question. There is an emphasis on the 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 multiplication tables because these are deemed to be the most difficult multiplication facts to learn. 


Miss Balaam's group - Multiplication facts for the 7 times table will be taught shortly using the commutative properties of multiplication.


The children have been using Hit The Button, Table Mountain and Times Tables Rockstars (TTR) in school to practise their recall. In TTR, there is a function called Soundcheck which mirrors the MTC; some children are anxious using this function as the questions time out but it is important that they get used to it. 


Please can you encourage your child/children to practise regularly using Soundcheck. Also, it is quicker for the children to use a number pad rather than the numbers at the top of the keyboard so if you could encourage them to do so that would be great. I have copied a screenshot of the three single player games in TTR.


Photo insert here



There were a few questions at parents evening about reading engagement so I thought it was a good idea to send the following message to all. 


The link below is on the school website and recommends books for children from Year Three through to Year Six. There are some great books on there so please have a look when you have a moment. Remember that libraries can order books if they are not in stock (see library link on the webpage too).


Ready to Learn

Please can you help to encourage your child to be organised and ready to learn at school by ensuring that they have the following items in their pencil case: a glue stick (ideally not coloured); a sharp pencil or two; and a ruler. We do talk to them about looking after their own belongings but some items do go missing.


Also, some of the children have recently been arriving at school without a water bottle. We encourage the children to drink water regularly and if they don't have a bottle it is hard for them to do so.


If you have any questions about any of the above please do let us know.


Kind regards


Miss Balaam and Mr Holmes