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Year 6 - Transition to Secondary School

Dear All
As part of the transition from primary school to secondary school your children will have a chance to meet a representative of their new school at some point during this term.
This may be by means of a visit from a member of staff from your child's new school, this is usually the Head of Year 7, or your child may be invited to visit their new school, this is more usual where only one or two children may be transferring from St Giles to a particular secondary school.
In addition to this face-to-face meeting the secondary schools usually ask primary school staff to complete a transfer form for each pupil. 

Only once a place has been accepted can the secondary schools request that these forms be completed by the primary schools.

To ensure security of data these forms are only transferred either through the schools secure courier service or by secure internal face to face handover between nominated school personnel only.