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Year 6 - Leavers Hoodies ordering

Dear Parent/Carer

We know how much Year 6 love their Leavers hoodies and although everything is uncertain at the moment we would like to ensure whatever the coming months bring, Year 6 will still have the opportunity to leave school with a hoodie.

As school is closed at the moment, we can offer parents the option to order a hoodie direct from our supplier, Mapac.

As usual, there will be only one design and colour on offer. This year, the colour (already chosen by Year 6) is Sky Blue.

The school has provided and approved the names, colour and design. Parents can now visit the Mapac website, view the artwork and order and pay for the correct size for their child.

The prices for the hoodies are as follows:

Child’s sizes ( 9/10, 12/13): £12.45

Adult’s sizes ( S,M,L)           : £14.45

Sizing guide can be found on Mapac’s website – use size guide for sweatshirts.

Mapac will collate all the orders and then there will be one production run. The hoodies will be delivered in one batch to school. There is also the option to have the hoodie delivered directly to your home address at a cost of £3.95. The delivery to school option is free of charge.

Please note the following dates:
Hoodies will be available to order from Mapac’s website from Tuesday 21st April.

The order system for hoodies at this price will be open only until Monday 11th May.  
After 11th May the hoodies will be produced and any additional hoodies ordered will be at a higher price.

To order your hoodie, please click on the link below:  

Please ensure that orders are placed within the timescale as although it is possible to order at a later date, the price of the hoodie will be much more expensive.

We will contact you again, when we have a delivery date for the hoodies.

Best Regards