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Year 6 - 11+ / Secondary Transfer Testing Days


Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like to remind you that the 11 plus practice test will take place on Tuesday 7th September and the actual 11 plus test will take place on Thursday 9th September. Each day consists of two sessions and there will be a short break between them where the children can use the toilet and eat a snack.

On the two days of the tests, we would like to invite the children into school slightly earlier than normal. The sessions will begin at 8.35am in Acacia class and we would like to invite the children in as close to this time as possible. They will be given a drink and a biscuit and will have the chance to chat with their friends and relax before we begin the tests each morning. This will hopefully create a calm and positive start for the children and enable them to do their very best. Please be aware that only the main Parsonage Road gates will be open before 08:40.

In addition to this, we would like to request that you help your child feel rested by encouraging them to have an early night (during the weekend preceding the 11+ and the night before each test) and have a good, nutritious breakfast before school to help keep up their energy levels throughout the morning. They will also need to have time to unwind each evening to feel rested and ready for the next day. Children are also permitted to bring in an extra snack to have after both the practice, and the real test.

We would like to remind you of the following arrangements:


  • Children can bring in water in a clear bottle.
  • Children must not wear a watch that is capable of making a noise, including a fitbit during the tests.
  • If your child thinks they may need a tissue, they are permitted to bring in a small pack, which they can keep on their table.
  • Any stationery they may need during the test will be provided by the school.
  • Children are permitted to bring a sugary / energy snack for these two days only.  


If you have decided that you do not wish your child to sit the 11 plus and have not yet informed the school, please do so at your earliest opportunity.

Children not sitting the 11 plus will be with Mrs Davies in the ICT Suite, planning the Macmillan Coffee Morning together.

Kind regards,

Miss Murray and Miss Warner