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Year 5 & Year 6 children - Invitation to BCS Schools Cyber Challenge Competition

Dear Parent/Carer


Year 5 and 6 pupils at our school have been invited to take part in an upcoming regional computing competition. This will be an opportunity for children to work on their IT skills at home, working either individually ,in pairs or in teams of up to four depending on your current circumstances. 


 Full details of the competition can be found on the attached flyer.

Children, working in teams of up to four, will have to use a programming language (most likely to be Scratch) to create one of the two tasks below with limited(ideally no) adult support.


Year 5 Online Safety


Create an educational resource that promotes the positive aspects of online talking and messaging but also helps people to understand when online behaviour could become inappropriate and risky. The resource must send out a safe online message so that people feel empowered to deal with uncomfortable situations online.

Year 6 Dealing with Cyberbullying

Create an educational resource that shows young people how to deal with Cyberbullying and what could be done to prevent it in the first place. The resource must send out a safe online message so that people feel empowered to deal with Cyberbullying in a safe and sensible way.


Judges will be looking for:


  • Creativity
  • Selection use, combination and presentation of images and text
  • The appropriate choice and use of programming instructions and should include: Custom blocks, Loops and Variables
  • The clarity of the finished presentation in demonstrating improved learning outcomes


Could you discuss the competition with your child and if they would like to take part, please email the school office with details of all team members by Monday 4th May so that Mr Holmes can register the school into the competition. 


Best Regards