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Year 5 - Secondary Transfer Process

Dear Year 5 parents


As part of the transition from Primary to Secondary school Mrs Peal will give a presentation on the Secondary Transfer Process for all Year 5 parents. This presentation will be given at a meeting which will be held at the Junior School on Tuesday 19th June starting at 6.30pm.


There is information about the whole process, including a timeline of events, on the BCC Schools Admissions page here.


(Link to Secondary Transfer page is if you need to cut and paste into your browser)


Section 6 of the BCC information deals with Adjustments to the testing conditions. If you have read this section and think that your child meets the criteria please can you contact the School Office by the end of the day on Friday 25th May so that Mrs March can speak to you during the first week back after half term.


Excerpt from School Guide to Transfer Testing: Where a child who has a Statement of Special Educational Needs (or an Education, Health and Care Plan), or has a disability (without having a Statement or EHC plan) that could be described as having an ‘adverse effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities’, then parents are advised to discuss their child’s access to the test with his or her school. If the disability might affect access, consideration can be given as to whether any special testing arrangements should be made.


In addition, if your child is sitting the Secondary Transfer Test then the school would need to know if anything happens over the summer and in the run up to the Secondary Transfer Tests that you think may affect your child. This can then be noted and kept on file for future reference.


If you do not wish for your child to sit the Secondary Transfer Test in September, then please inform the school in writing at some point before the tests take place in September. 


Many thanks

Junior School Office