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Year 5 Recorders

Dear Parents/Carers,


Year 5 will be learning to play the recorder as part of their music lessons this term. We would be grateful if you could purchase a recorder for your child, which they can bring to school on Thursday 11th November, as we will be starting our Music lesson on this day.  


Below is a link to a recorder which can be purchased for £5.99 from Amazon, but you are of course welcome to purchase from elsewhere, any colour is fine.  Children will keep their recorders in their trays or school bags so they are able to use them every week, making sure that no germs can be passed around through sharing.  


We have a small number of school recorders which children can borrow, for the term,  if they do not have their own.  Pupil Premium children will be given a school recorder to use.


If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us.


Kind regards,


Mrs Burge, Mrs Franklin and Mr O'Sullivan


Link to an example which can be purchased from Amazon: