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Year 5 PGL week - final details and reminders

Dear Parents / Carers


Below are links to copies of the letters that have been sent home about next week's residential trip to PGL Windmill Hill Centre.

A few bits of additional information and some reminders are given below:


- if your child has been in contact with anyone with illnesses in the days  prior to the trip please can you let the school know - such things as chicken pox it is helpful to be aware in case a child starts to feel unwell during the trip


- if your child is unwell and unable to make the trip please can you give us as much notice as possible. The office emails will be monitored over the weekend prior to the trip.


- If your child does not attend due to illness then our insurance would normally cover most of the costs of the trip. If a child goes on the trip but has to be collected early due to illness, again we would make a claim against our insurance. We may need a doctors note,




Monday 16th May - Departure - children to be at Blizzards Yard car park 07:00 for the bus to depart at 07:30.

Friday 20th May - Return - due back at Blizzards Yard car park between 16.00 and 16.30 (depending on traffic).

Please carefully check the kit list for items to pack.

One of the activities is rafting so please pack your child's swimming kit plus a spare towel for this activity.

We suggest that children pack 2 black bin bags - one for dirty clothes and another for wet clothes.

As the weather may be cold and the children will be outside for most of each day please remember to pack gloves that can be worn during some of the activities.

Alternatively the weather may be warm and sunny in which case hats and suncream may be needed.

No sweets to be taken on the trip.

Children need to have their lunch in disposable packaging and a snack for Monday in their backpack / day bag.

Children need a named water bottle for the week - please note that this is the only food / drink that can be consumed on the coach.

No electronic items of any type.

Please pack books and / or cards for quiet times and the journey.

If your child suffers from travel sickness please can you ensure that they have had their medication (if required) before getting to the car park and then inform Mrs Salmon of what has been taken. She will ensure that they sit at the front of the coach.

Any medicines needed for the week (including travel sickness or hayfever medicines) should be given to Mrs Salmon on Monday morning.  If your child will need antihistamines during the week please pack some as we only take a small emergency supply. All medicines should be in the original packaging.


Please remember that you don't need to order school meals for those going to PGL next week.


Many thanks for your support and we hope that everyone has a fantastic week.


For those children not going on the residential Mrs Franklin and Mrs Burge will be taking your morning and afternoon registers in Palm class, so please can you go there instead of to your Year 5 class,