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Year 4 - Woodrow Trip Reminders

Dear Year 4 Parents / Carers


We hope that the children are looking forward to their Woodrow trip next week and are mostly packed and ready to go.


Copies of the trip information letters are attached.


  • Please do not pack any extra snacks or sweets for your child - Woodrow will provide all of the food and snacks that are needed.
  • On Monday, children will need to have a day rucksack with their packed lunch (in a disposable bag) and drinks with them, plus coats and clothing suitable for being outside all day
  • Any medicines are to be handed to Mrs Jackson when you drop children off at Woodrow in the morning - this includes any food items that have been agreed for those with allergies or medical requirements
  • We ask that children do not bring mobile phones, MP3 players or other personal electronic equipment - including Fitbits!   
  • Children will be carrying out the same hand washing routines as at school - please do not pack any alcohol gels.
  • If your child is unwell and unable to attend on Monday morning please contact the School Office as normal and messages will be forwarded to staff at Woodrow
  • If individual children are taken ill during the trip then either the School Office or the trip leader will contact parents.
  • Waterproof trousers and jackets, if you have them, would be very useful.