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Year 3 - Shortenills Trip - Tuesday 27th March reminder

Dear Parent/Carer


Year 3 - Shortenills Stone Age Activity Day -  Children are to be dropped off at Shortenills Centre between 08:35 and 08:50 on Tuesday morning. Shortenills have confirmed that the Stone Age day activities will end at 15:30 so that is our pick up time but if you have other children to pick up from the Junior School or Infant School there is the option to pick children up before or after that time but no earlier than 15.00 and no later than 15.45.  We would urge you to contact other parents to organise car sharing for the reasons already given in previous letters. The more cars attempting to enter the site, the more waiting around there will be hence the flexibility with drop off and pick up times. 


Please note that we are still £94 short of the donations that we need to pay the costs of this trip and we are currently looking at cancelling this visit. We will do a final review on Monday morning so please can you send in your voluntary contributions by 9am.