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Year 2 Online Safety

Dear Parents/Carers, 


Over the past half term Year 2 have been learning about online safety. In particular we have focused on some important messages for young children to remember when they are using technology such as the internet. 


To help us, we have been using a series of short animated videos from Hector’s World™. The videos feature Hector the dolphin and his friends, as they explore some of the exciting opportunities that technology brings, while at the same time learning about being safe and responsible online citizens. 


You can watch the animated episodes yourself or with your child online at It is a good idea that a child in this age group always has an adult with them when they are online.


One of the most important concepts your child has been learning about, is that if something happens when they are online that worries or upsets them (such as coming across images they weren’t expecting, or when they are asked for their personal information), they should seek help from a trusted adult. The worksheet your child has brought home will help them to remember this advice. Talking with them about these messages can help build positive communication about the online environment. 


Other concepts we have covered include; learning to identify who the trusted adults are in children’s lives, recognising when something does not feel right, and the importance of only sharing our personal information with people we can trust. 


Thank you

The Year 2 Team