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Weekly update from Mrs Peal

Dear All,


Let me begin by thanking the staff for the fantastic work that they have all been doing over the past week and in the weeks leading up to this current situation. I am so proud to work with them all.


I hope you have enjoyed the messages from teachers today. I think it’s important that we spread some cheer where we can. I know this is a difficult time for everyone and that you are doing all you can to make this new situation work. Thank you for your hard work and dedication - I feel like my staff team has grown in size and I now have teachers all over the local area!


It’s important you know that we are all working to do the best for our pupils, our parents, each other and the school. Please be patient and kind as we work our way through this emergency. Thank you for sticking with us and for all for your support in these challenging times.


Our team focus is to stick together, to support our pupils and to take care of each other and ourselves. I know you are your families will be doing the same.


For those of you who are ill, self-isolating or caring for loved ones, we send you love and support.


With all the best wishes    
Elen Peal