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Weekly email - sent Thursday 7th June

Hello Everyone,


Hope you are doing well and keeping safe. I know you will all be keen to hear what is announced on Sunday about the next phase of the lockdown. I just wanted to let you know that the Senior Team are working on plans for what our next phase may look like too. On Monday morning we will ‘meet’ and begin the process of pulling these plans together.


Over the past few weeks, I am sure, like me you have been inundated with fun YouTube videos, messages of hope and funny quotes that have kept you amused and thoughtful. I was recently sent the message below and thought it was worth sharing.


Reflections on Learning at Home


Who taught them how to talk?

Who taught them how to walk?

Who taught them how to eat, sleep, climb and play?




You were their first teacher


So…. Do what you have always done…encourage them, help them, be realistic about what they can do and what you can do. It won’t be perfect, nothing ever is. You are there, not as a class teacher, but as their number one support person. I know you have always been that.


Never underestimate that great learning comes from talking together, baking a cake, building a den, having a picnic in the garden, singing and dancing together, drawing, building with lego and eating a meal together.


You are doing the best you can and we are doing the best we can


They are children, and what they mostly need and want, especially at this time, is to feel safe and loved.


Please don’t put yourselves under undue pressure. Please look after yourselves so you can look after your children. Things will begin to change.




Today we have been making food deliveries to our known vulnerable families. They are so appreciative of this support. I would like to thank everyone who has made a donation to this worthy cause from the bottom of my heart.  It is wonderful that new families are now contacting us when they are in need - we are here to help. If you or anyone else you know is in need please contact us so we can reach out to them.




We hope you enjoyed the dance video sent out today instead of story time- it certainly got the staff giggling. Huge thanks to Mrs Crosbie for coordinating the project. We hope this has spread some more joy and laughter.




Week 4 - CEOPS Home Activity Sheets are here on the website. There are some great ideas for making sure your children's screen time is safe.


There is also a parents Help sheet document produced by CEOP on the website here:


Thinkuknow - Parents Helpsheet for Pirmary children 



Attached the weekly news sheets and resources from MIND. The theme this week is Let’s Keep Learning.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the VE day celebrations whatever you may be doing. Don’t  forget that there are plenty of links on the website for VE day activities from Bletchley Park and English Heritage amongst others. Take care.


VE Day 75 - Friday 8th May