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Weekly email - Friday 8th January

Dear Parents/ Carers,


It has been such a long week - I am not even sure what day it is!


Thank you for all your patience and support during this week. The teaching team has done a great job of starting our remote learning provision smoothly and quickly. The office team have done a fabulous job of ensuring that all the information has been sent out and the procedures have been followed.


It goes without saying that if people become ill then things will have to change and we will need to keep adjusting as we go. I can assure you though that we will always do our best.




Next week I will be exploring new ways of how I can share my assemblies. Look out for further information about this. I am keen to be in touch with the whole school family in some way each week. I look forward to sharing stories and exploring ideas with the children.




Schools are able to apply on your behalf for extra data from your internet provider. If you are struggling with your current data plan and require support please contact the school office.


I hope you have a lovely weekend. The sun is supposed to shine tomorrow. I enjoy a lovely, long walk on a crisp, bright day - maybe I will see you out there enjoying the beautiful place we live in.


I saw this message below- and thought of everyone in the school family.




Mrs P