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Weekly email - Friday 19th June

Dear Parents/ Carers,

This week we have focused our attention on the safe return of more children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. Now our focus is on planning how to provide all our pupils with some in-school experience before the end of term. We will need to take into account the number of teaching staff, available spaces, resources and current guidance.  Once we have finalised our plans we will be in touch with you early next week.

This is not going to be an easy task and our priority is the safety of everyone. If we are able to do this, it will give all of the children the opportunity to meet with their teacher and have a short return to some school routines.

I know a number of you are concerned about transitioning into the next year group and what the plans are for September. I can say that our transition plans will mean that your child will be nurtured through this process and children will not just be placed in a class and expected to ‘get on with it’. We pride ourselves in knowing your children well and understanding what they need to help them when in new and different situations. Our plans will ensure that they have plenty of time to settle into routines and develop confidence within their new environments.

I have no more information than you have about what the Government is planning. Needless to say we have a number of options we are developing and when the next set of guidance is released we will adjust our plans where needed and then communicate with parents.


Today we have again delivered food to families in need. Thank you to everyone who has donated to this worthy cause. I know that the food packs are really appreciated at this difficult time. I think one of the silver linings to the dark cloud of lockdown is how the situation has brought out the best in so many people and shown us that we are surrounded by kind and thoughtful communities.

Take care, keep healthy and have a lovely weekend
Elen Peal