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Weekly email - Friday 12th February

Dear Parents and Carers,

Hope you are all doing well and that everyone at your home is healthy. I hope you are managing to enjoy some of these cold and icy days and if possible taking some walks in the woods or in the beautiful area in which we live. I certainly have been doing lots of walking again- I hope I am going to be fitter and healthier after this lockdown.

Thank you to Parents and Carers

I just wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for all you have been doing this half term. I know this time has been really challenging.  Your hard work, patience and support has been fantastic. THANK YOU! You have done the impossible and kept it all going- spinning so many plates. I hope you have the opportunity to rest and enjoy some family time over the coming holiday.

We will, like you, hear the plans for the gradual reopening of society on 22nd February. Please be assured that we will be ready and waiting to welcome you all back to school when we can- we can’t wait!


This week’s newsletter from MIND is along the theme of Friendship with lots of activities and ideas to share.

Online safety

Attached to this email is information from Thames Valley Police to support parents with online safety focusing on cyber-bullying and online harassment. We hope you find this useful