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Walk to School Week

Dear Parent/Carer,


Please see below for a reminder of this week's Walk to School Week themes:


  • Monday - Walking to Notice Nature - how many different signs of the summer can you see on your walk into school? 
  • Tuesday - Walking to Keep Fit - wear trainers today and walk safely and swiftly. How long does it take for you to get out of breath?
  • Wednesday - Walking to Create Time to Talk - talk together about which you'd rather be - a bee or a butterfly? A flower or a tree? Class teachers will follow this up in class.
  • Thursday - Walking to Keep our Roads Safe - practise the Green Cross Code on your walk to school. Class teachers will talk about the Green Cross Code in class.
  • Friday - Walking to Reduce Pollution - looking after our planet. Wear your own clothes in all the colours of the rainbow to remind us what a beautiful world we live in.


Kind regards