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Science Update - Spring 2022

Dear Parents/Carers,


In order to increase the children's engagement and understanding of science, we have decided to provide some additional scientific opportunities.


Please find attached this term's Super Science Spotting Challenge. We are asking the children to name and identify 10 different wild birds native to Great Britain. If the children can spot these birds too, that would be fantastic!


Please also find attached a document showing science activities that you could do at home with your child. Most of these can be done with items you might have around the house and should be a fun way to spend some time and find out about different scientific processes. Each Year has a range of activities which increase in complexity and understanding as they progress. The document will also be on the school website under the Science Corner, here: 


Both of these documents will also be uploaded to Google Classroom on the main Stream.


Finally, we have a huge favour to ask. In order to give children a better understanding of what scientists do, we would love some members of our school community who work in scientific professions to come in and inspire them.


Whether through an assembly, a talk to particular year groups or running an after school or lunchtime club, it would be fantastic to know if there are members of our school community who can come in and share their love of science. If you work or worked in a scientific role and would like to share your passion with the school, please let the School Office know and we can discuss how to best share your knowledge and experience with the children.


Kind regards,


Mrs O'Dwyer & Mr Holmes

Science Coordinators