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School Run Safety:

Dear Parents
Thanks again for your overwhelmingly positive feedback during our school run safety trial earlier this term. I'm pleased to let you know that we'll be launching our #Accident-free in CSG campaign early in the summer term. 
It's important we can communicate from time to time about school run safety with EVERYONE who drops your child/children to school (by foot or by car). If you haven't already, please could you email the Infants office by Wednesday 19 April with the email addresses of all parents, grandparents or carers who drop off or pick up your child. Thank you! 
Some of you have mentioned you are especially keen to support this initiative after experiencing a near-miss involving your child. If you are willing to share more about this, our #Accident-free in CSG team would like to hear more. Please could you email Carolyn Ley or Laura Tattersall.
Many thanks
Elen Peal,
Head Teacher