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Safer Internet Day 2021

Dear Parents / Carers,


Today is Safer Internet Day 2021. As children are using the internet more than ever (especially during our current lockdown), we would very much like you to spend some time over the next few weeks with your children talking about how they use the internet and how to remain safe whilst doing so.  Please find some resources to support you:


The attached Conversation Starters document is a good way to discuss how your child uses the internet and how they feel about it.


At school we have our Internet Safety Code, DATA (Don't give away personal information; Adult always in the room; Think before you click; Appropriate internet), and it may be worth spending some time at home coming up with a similar set of rules in order to keep everyone safe online. The attached Family Online Safety Plan document can help you plan and agree how to use the internet in your house.


Before completing any of the activities or having the conversation, you may want to improve your own knowledge using the Parents and Carers Resource Sheets and What to trust online documents.


The Family Activities document has got some other links to videos and tasks you may want to do with your child.


The internet is a fabulous resource and I hope that by continuing to have these discussions as a community, we can keep us all safe online.


Best wishes,


Mr Holmes