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Letter regarding school status - sent Monday 4th Jan

Dear Parents and Carers,


Further to our email yesterday, we have been reviewing whether we can safely reopen tomorrow.  Unfortunately, and with heavy hearts, we have decided that it will not be possible to do so.  The school will therefore be moving to online learning until Friday 15th January, at which point we will review the situation.


There are a number of factors feeding into this decision.  We know that children of primary school age rarely suffer serious symptoms with Covid, but as responsible employers we also have to consider the health and safety of our staff, and as an integral part of the village we are morally bound to consider the impact on the community.  Case rates in this parish are 16 times higher than a month ago and are now similar to rates in London, where all primary schools are closed.  We have gone from having one of the lowest rates in the county to one of the highest in just four weeks.


All employees have the right in law not to come into work where they feel it is unsafe to do so.  This is the case for sufficient numbers of staff that we cannot safely open the school with the numbers remaining.  


During this two week period we will look at further measures we can put in place to make the school a safer working environment.  This will also give an opportunity, we hope, for case numbers to come down in the area.


Over the course of today you will receive further emails regarding our key worker group which will run from Wednesday 6th January and Google Classroom our online learning platform.


We are really sorry for the disruption this will cause.


Elen Peal
Head Teacher
Donna Westall
Chair of Governors
Chalfont St Giles Village School