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Key Workers

Dear Parents and Carers,
Over the past 24 hours we have been working hard to develop a plan for the 'repurposing' of our school so that we can make a child care offer as requested by the Government yesterday. This has been such a challenging time but I am so proud of my team who yet again have stepped up to the mark and have been supportive and encouraging, despite their own concerns about their families and they themselves becoming front line workers  
The list of key workers will be released by the Government later today. If you think you are a key worker from this list please email us immediately - we need to hear from you by tomorrow at 8 a.m.
We will then send you our child care offer. If you have already talked to the school you do not need to take any action as you will already be on our list.
Thank you
Kind regards
Elen Peal
Head Teacher