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Key Worker Update

Dear Parents and Carers


The list of those eligible for 'key worker' status is still unavailable from the government. We are still hoping to receive this later this evening.


Until we receive these details we are unable to work with our partners to finalise what the care offer will look like from our school.


This current lack of clarity is causing delays to our planning and as such we may not be able to receive children at the very beginning of next week.  


Please can those of you who feel they may be eligible for key worker childcare support, and have yet to respond to our previous email, please do so. This will enable us to move forward quickly when we do finally receive clarification.


I am sorry that there is delay but I am sure you understand that we need to know fully what the government expectations are, in order for us to be prepared. 

We also want you to be able to give you clear expectations of what we are offering so you can take it into consideration when establishing your plans. It is important that we can try to help you to feel fully supported with what we can offer during this rapidly evolving situation.


My team and I are working around the clock to try and resolve this. We will be in touch with those of you who have expressed interest, to update you, as soon as possible.


Kind regards


Mrs E Peal