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Juniors - Message for Year 6 Parents

Dear Parents and Carers


We have really enjoyed having the children back in Year 6. We are so proud of how hard they have worked during their time away from school, showing their conscientiousness and independence. 


Many of the children have had questions about how the rest of their Year 6 year will be structured, and whether many of the normal activities will be able to take place. 


We are pleased to tell you that we will be working hard, within the government guidelines, to ensure that the children have as normal an experience as possible to the normal year 6 end of year. 


This will include activities such as Mini Enterprise, citizenship awards, making tracks road safety, SRE, bouncy day, transition sessions, end of year awards, a production and a leavers assembly. This will give the children some further wonderful memories of their time at our school. As part of this experience, we also plan to have an assessment week. We have decided to do this for the following reasons:


Many of the children have expressed disappointment that the SATS were cancelled. The majority of the children have liked seeing the progress they have made over the year, and enjoy the ownership of their progress in the different subjects. It has given children a quantifiable goal to aim for, and many children feel they would like a formal opportunity to express all their knowledge. 


We want to provide the children with a focus and a goal for their learning this year. Keeping the learning steady and consistent throughout the summer term will give the children the best start when they commence secondary school.


Part of our responsibility in year 6 is to prepare the children for secondary school. Having some experience in a formal exam setting, will give the children an opportunity to go through this process and to understand how an exam setting may look and feel. 


The assessment week will be Monday May 24th - Thursday May 27th 


We are looking forward to an excellent final part of the year with the children. 


Kind Regards


Miss Warner and Miss Murray