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Juniors - Individual school photos with Imago - Monday 17th October

Dear Parents / Carers

Imago Photographers will be taking individual studio photos at your school on Monday 17th October 2022

Please visit the website to view the type of images we produce. Our passion is to provide a small beautiful portfolio for you to select from. 

If you do not want images of your child(ren) taken please contact your school.

Uniform - Please ensure your child is wearing neat and tidy school uniform.

Viewing your images: View online via secure login. We will send you your contact sheet with your secure gallery details to the school as soon as your images are ready (this should be approximately 3 weeks after the shoot).

If you require changes to your images please use our online changes request.

Lost / Not Received Login


  • Safeword CSGJRO*W22
  • If you lose or do not receive your login: Call Imago on 01252 728457 or email
  • Quote your Safeword (as above)  
  • State your School name and your child’s full name and form
  • Alternatively, your School will be provided with a master-list with all login details.


Queries – Please do call us with any queries or problems, we are here to help.

T: 01252 728457 / E: