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Juniors - Handwriting Pens

Dear Parents / Carers

Some of the children have started using Frixion pens (erasable pens) for writing in school.

The children are being asked today not to use these pens in school but to use standard handwriting pens.

The frixion pens are heat and water sensitive and we are having cases where the writing in children's books is being lost when the books are exposed to heat or water.

These pens are erasable and we are finding that there is a lot of rubbing out of work taking place in class. As a school we expect that children will make mistakes in their writing and then correct these mistakes (using their purple polishing pens in class). If mistakes are being rubbed out then this progress is not obvious to staff and it is taking up a lot of time.

Please can you ensure that, by the end of this week, your child has the standard handwriting pens and that they do not bring friction pens into school.

Berol and Swash handwriting pens are available to purchase from the school office for 40p- children may visit at break times. These, and other types of handwriting pens are widely available in many shops as well.

Thank you for your support

Kind regards