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Junior - Weekly email (send on Friday 19th October)

Dear All
We have had a busy few weeks. This week Year 5 have had an afternoon making Mexican food - a huge thank you to the parents who came in to help with this activity and yesterday Mexicolore visited with their Mayan artifacts and a wealth of knowledge that they shared with the children. Many thanks to the year 5 children who helped carry all of the kit back to the Mexicolore van as well. Year 4 Roman day on Wednesday was a lovely day and we hope that the children enjoyed the activities. A special thank you to Mrs Williams for helping us in the morning.
The literacy presentation from last week's meeting is now on the school website here
School uniform - please note that uniform is now only sold from the school office at set times on Fridays - between 8:45am and 9:15am and between 3:20 and 3:45pm. Details of our new uniform provider will be sent out soon.
Head lice - we have recently had a few cases of head lice in school - please can we ask you to regularly check your child's hair and to treat appropriately if required.
Flu vaccinations - All schoolchildren in Buckinghamshire from Reception -  Year 5 are being offered the free flu vaccine this year - details have been sent to parents and please remember to complete the online consent form. The deadline for consent is Monday 29th October 2018letter with details. Meanwhile, just in case you weren’t aware, if you also have a younger child aged between 2-3 years old they are also eligible for a free flu vaccine on the NHS. As with all children, this is also given as a quick, painless nasal spray. Get in touch with your GP to book your pre-school child’s vaccine.  

NHS advice states that it’s really important to protect young children against what can be a nasty illness for them, plus it helps stop the virus spreading to other family members - particularly important for the elderly or vulnerable who can be at risk of serious illness if they catch the flu. For all you need to know about the flu and the vaccine go to
The school library will now be open every Thursday and Friday with additional other days on an ad hoc basis. Thank you to Dr Agar, Miss Haq and Mrs Gomez-Monedero for being our library volunteers this term.
Switch Off Fortnight - our EcoWarriors will be helping us to support our Switch Off Fortnight which will run in school between 1st and 14th November.
Science Challenge - this half term's science challenge has now been set - click here for further details.
School meals - please note updated allergen sheets have been added to the website here
Year 3 - children will need to come to school in PE kit for the PE Festival on Tuesday 30th - they will be outside so will need warm layers but they will be back in school in time for lunch
Year 4 - thank you for the donations towards Roman activities
Year 5 - Beech class are swimming this half term so please remember swimming kit on Wednesday - Maple class will be doing PE in school so will need PE kit
Year 6 -  the practice SATs papers have been sent home this week. Please bear in mind that lots of the content has not yet been taught as these tests are based on the expectation for the END of Year 6
Monday 29th  October
  • INSET Day - school closed for staff training


Tuesday 30th October 

  • STEM week begins in school 
  • Breakfast Club in the ATA Room with Mrs Rock and Mr Shankland - 08:00 to 08:45 (Invited pupils only)
  • Maths Club in the IT Suite with Mrs Crosbie - 08:15 to 08:45 (Invited pupils only)
  • Year 3 PE Festival Capture the Flag (am in school time)
  • Violin lessons with Mrs Priestley in the IT Meeting Room - 09:00 to 10:040 approx 
  • Drama Club with Mrs Golding in Main Hall - Years 5 and  6 session 12:20 to 12:50 and Years 3 and 4 session 12:50 to 13:20 (Year 3 and 4 drama club members please go for first lunch)
  • Cello lessons with Mrs Tullie in the IT Meeting Room - 14:00 to 15:30 approx
  • PFO Football Club with PFO in the Main Hall - club finishes at 16:45
  • Football match home game v Lent Rise for the selected team


Wednesday 31st October 

  • Breakfast Club in the ATA Room with Mrs Rock and Mr Shankland - 08:00 to 08:45 (Invited pupils only)
  • Maths Club in the IT Suite with Mrs Crosbie - 08:15 to 08:45 (Invited pupils only)
  • Piano lessons with Mrs Downie in the IT Meeting Room - 12:10 to 15:30 
  • Year 5 - Swimming lessons for Beech Class (afternoon)
  • No Cheerleading Club today
  • No Football Club today as there is an away match this evening
  • Football match away game v St Mary's Beaconsfield for the selected team


Thursday 1st November

  • Spanish Club with El Club Espanol in Art Room - 12:50 to 13:20 (children in this club to go for first sitting of lunch)
  • Guitar lessons with Mr Norton in the IT Meeting Room - 13:20 to 15:10
  • Pilates Club with Mrs Stephenson in the Main Hall - club finishes at 16:30 
  • Cookery club - after school club in the Dining Hall run by Smart Raspberry - club finishes at 16:30
  • Homework Club in the IT Suite - Teacher Led (for Invited pupils only) - club finishes at 16:30


Friday 2nd November

  • Breakfast Club in the ATA Room with Mrs Rock and Mr Shankland - 08:00 to 08:45
  • Class Parent reps meeting starting at 08:45 in the Conference Room 
  • Woodwind lesson with Mrs Wayman in the IT Meeting Room - 12:45 to 13:15


Future Dates:


Thursday 8th November - Year 3, Year 4 & Year 5 - Flu vaccinations provided by School Nurse team - please note that consent is required for your child to receive a flu vaccination in school.
Thursday 8th November - Parents Evening 17:30 to 20:00 
Monday 12th November - Parents Evening 15:40 to 18:00
Monday 12th November - Children in Need fundraising day - details tbc 
Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th November - Book fair in school (before school and lunch time sales)
The SchoolApp gives you a snapshot of diary dates and news items - details on the website here
We hope that everyone has a lovely half term break.