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Junior - Weekly email - Friday 21st May

Dear Parents and Carers,

The weather does not appear to have picked up at all but it looks more promising for next week. The thought of some sunshine is keeping us all going!!

I have been busy this week looking at plans for after half term and reviewing our risk assessments. Staff are currently discussing these and I will contact you next week with our next steps. We are all keen to be taking what steps we can to get things as close to normal as we can.

In terms of events which parents can attend, as things currently stand, we are not allowed to hold these. We will know more after 21st June when we hope that this situation will change and we can go ahead with events and the celebrations for the end of the year. In the meantime we are making two versions of each plan. One for if parents can attend and one without parents in attendance due to possible restrictions.

Our sports week will be going ahead in the week commencing 28th June. We will hold our sports day on 2nd July but at this point we can't guarantee that parents will be invited to join us. We are so sorry for the lack of certainty but the situation is constantly moving and we want to make sure we keep everyone safe and the school fully open.

Half Term Break - If you are travelling overseas during the half term break, please could you inform the School Office where you are going and the date you are returning to the UK. Thank you.
Address Details - If you should move house please can you infirm the school office so we can keep your child's record up to date.
Accident Free in CSG - Thank you to those parking at the playing fields and considerately around the village.  Please avoid parking in Parsonage Road. The area around the turning circle is becoming very dangerous- your children are at risk. Let's all work together to keep them safe.
It has also been reported that some people are driving at speed around the local roads whilst taking and collecting children.  Please drive carefully and protect all members of our village community.
Year 5 Secondary Transfer details - Bucks admissions team have now confirmed that GL Assessment will be posting the Secondary Transfer Familiarisation booklet direct to Year 5 children’s homes on 8 July 2021.  
Parental Survey - The link to the parent survey is here. This survey will be open until Tuesday 8th June 2021. The survey is set up to combine several children in one form, but you may complete more than one form if you have children who have differing experiences.
Dogs on School Site - A polite reminder that dogs are not allowed onto the school site - whether they are walking or being carried. Some children do not like dogs and are made anxious by being close to them. Members of staff are not able to release children to another adult without prior agreement - either by speaking to the class teacher in the morning, by emailing the school office or by adding that adult to your pick up list.  Thank you for your consideration in this matter.. 
After School Clubs - We are currently looking at our after school clubs which will hopefully be restarting after half term. More information to follow.
Diary Dates
Monday 24th May
  • Year 6 assessment week plus Mini Enterprise Week 1
  • Year 5 - PE Day - children to wear school PE kit to school today
  • Music lessons -  Individual Guitar lessons with Mr Norton pm in the Music Room
  • Year 5 - After School Athletics Club - 3:30pm to 4:30pm on the School Field. Children will already be wearing their school PE kit and can wear this for the club. Parents should collect from the school field at 4.30pm - all gates will be open - see letter for details


Tuesday 25h May
  • Year 3 - PE Day - children to wear school PE kit to school today
  • Year 6 - Morning Maths Club - Invited children - in the IT Suite with Mrs English and Mrs Crosbie from 8:15am to 8:45am - entrance via Parsonage Road entrance only  
  • Music lessons - Individual Strings lessons with Mrs Priestley am in the Music Room
  • Music lessons - Individual Drum lessons with MD Drumlab pm in the Music Room


Wednesday 26th May
  • Year 6 - Morning Maths Club - Invited children - in the IT Suite with Mrs English and Mrs Crosbie from 8:15am to 8:45am - entrance via Parsonage Road entrance only
  • Music lessons - Piano lessons with Mrs Downie pm in the Music Room
  • Year 4 - After School Flag Football Club - 3:30pm to 4:30pm on the School Field.  Children should come into school wearing their PE kit. Children will also need to have a mouth guard. Parents should collect from the school field at 4.30pm - all gates will be open for picking up at 4:30pm - see letter for details 


Thursday 27th May
  • Year 4 - PE Day - children to wear school PE kit to school today 
  • Music lessons - Woodwind lessons with Mrs Wayman am in the Music Room
  • Rocky Road Club - Invited Year 3 children - in the ATA room with Mrs Rock & Mr Shankland from 3:15pm to 4:15pm - all gates will be open for picking up at 3:15pm


Friday 28th May
  • Year 6 - PE Day - children to wear school PE kit to school today
  • Last day of half term (normal pick up time today)
Future Dates
Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd June - Bikeability Cycle training for Year 6 and Year 5 children during Half Term - see letter for details
Monday 7th June - Inset day - school closed for staff training today
Tuesday 8th June - School open for new half term today
Tuesday 8th June - Year 6 children will be able to leave school independently after May half term - see Google form for details
Thursday 17th June - Year 6 day trip to Black Park Country Park - see letter for details
Monday 21st June -  Year 4 day trip to Woodrow High House - see letter for details
Tuesday 22nd June - Year 5 WonderDome visit to school - see letter for details
Monday 28th June - Sports week in school
Tuesday 29th June - Year 6 day trip to Brooklands Museum - see letter for details
Tuesday 6th July - Induction Day -  At this point the transition day is planned to go ahead with the children from current nursery through to Year 6 taking part in the county induction day on 6th July.  This is a county wide decision, taken with support and guidance from Buckinghamshire Council and Public Health England representatives. 
Community Events page of the website is here with some half term activities from Bucks County Museum plus details of Bucks Art Week to be held in June.
Communication - copies of emails sent out and letters are on the school website 
PTA Events are listed on the website here or see Classlist for details.