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Junior - Weekly Email

Dear All
Thank you to the children who have been playing us in to assembly this week - it has been lovely to hear Krish, Sienna and Lyzette on the piano.
Parent Information Meetings - we hope the meetings for parents were helpful and informative. Copies of Topic Guides and other presentations will be added to the class pages for the appropriate year groups - Year 3,  Year 4,  Year 5 and Year 6.
Year 3 and year 6 Workshops - thank you to all of the parents who have made contributions towards the costs of either the Year 3 Egyptian or the Year 6 Greek Day activities. These will both take place as scheduled but if you have not yet made a contribution, and are able to do so, it would be much appreciated if you could either send payment via the School Office or via ParentPay. Year 6 are looking for a few more parents to come in to help with the workshops in the morning (costume is optional for adult helpers) - please talk to your child's class teacher or let the office know if you are able to help. Year 3 do not need extra helpers for their workshop day.
Year 6 Open Days and Open Evenings - if you are planning to take your child to an Open Morning at a local Secondary School please can you let the school office know in advance so that they can be registered and school meal orders can also be noted. A flyer from the Misbourne School is attached.
School Meals - each morning we place an order for the number of school meals, required for that day, with our hub kitchen. This order is placed by 09:20 and is based on children telling their teacher that they want a school meal that day. If you know that your child will miss morning registration for any reason (medical or other appointment, travel delays or not feeling 100% at the start of the day) you must place your school meal order for your child, with the School Office, by 09:20. If no order is placed no meal will be ordered for them and they will need to bring in a packed lunch when they come in to school. We have had quite a few children who turn up in the lunch queue for a school meal but who have not ordered a meal for that day. As you can understand this can make it difficult for the people serving the meals.
Year 4 trip to Woodrow - a polite reminder that all payments should have been made for the Year 4 trip to Woodrow by now, unless you have spoken to a member of the office team or to Mrs Peal or Mrs English to arrange a payment plan. Please can payments be made as soon as possible by ParentPay if possible.
DCHS Gymnastic Club open to children in Year 3 - see attached flyer. Please note that this needs to be sent directly to the gym club and not to the Junior School.
Monday 25th September
  • Cheerleading with Dance Mania in the Main Hall with - 12:20 to 12:50
  • Gym Club with Burnham Gymnastics in the Main Hall - club finishes at 16:30


Tuesday 26th September
  • Breakfast Club in the ATA Room with Mrs Rock and Mr Shankland - 08:00 to 08:45 (Invited pupils only)
  • Maths Club in the IT Suite with Mrs Crosbie - 08:15 to 08:45 (Invited pupils only)
  • Violin lessons with Miss Burvill in the IT Meeting Room - 09:50 to 10:40 approx
  • Drama Club with Mrs Golding in Main Hall - Years 5 and  6 session 12:20 to 12:50 and Years 3 and 4 session 12:50 to 13:20 (Year 3 and 4 drama club members please go for first lunch)
  • Cello lessons with Mrs Tullie in the IT Meeting Room ​- 14:00 to 15:30 approx
  • Choir with Mrs Court in Oak Class - club finishes at 16:30
  • PFO Football Club with PFO in the Main Hall - club finishes at 16:45


Wednesday 27th September 
  • Breakfast Club in the ATA Room with Mrs Rock and Mr Shankland - 08:00 to 08:45 (Invited pupils only)
  • Maths Club in the IT Suite with Mrs Crosbie - 08:15 to 08:45 (Invited pupils only)
  • Piano lessons with Mrs Downie in the IT Meeting Room - 12:10 to 15:45
  • Year 5 Swimming lessons for Beech class (pm)
  • French Club with Little Languages Academy (for Year 3 and 4 only) in Oak class - club finishes at 16:10
  • Football Club with Mr Holmes (for Year 5 and 6 only) in Main Hall - club finishes at 16:45.


Thursday 28th September
  • Year 3 Egyptian Day - children to come to school in Egyptian costume but please remember to send in coats etc as children will still be outside during break times.
  • Spanish Club with El Club Espanol in Art Room - 12:50 to 13:20 (children in this club to go for first sitting of lunch)
  • Guitar lessons with Mr Norton in the IT Meeting Room - 13:20 to 15:10 (no timetable as yet but introductory sessions for children who have signed up with Bucks Learning Trust Music) sign up online here
  • Pilates Club with Mrs Stephenson in the Main Hall - club finishes at 16:30
  • Homework Club in the IT Suite - Teacher Led - club finishes at 16:30 (Invited pupils only)
  • Football tournament - U11 7-a-side tournament at Butlers Court school - invited team.


Friday 29th September
  • Breakfast Club in the ATA Room with Mrs Rock and Mr Shankland - 08:00 to 08:45
  • Macmillan Coffee morning - all are invited to join us in the Dining Hall between 08:45 and 09:40 to raise some funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.
  • Meeting for all volunteer parent helpers, governors and PTA Committee members from both schools - to be held in the Junior School Dining Hall from 09:40 to 10:40. Annual Child Protection/Safeguarding Training and Reading with Children training.
  • Woodwind lesson with Mrs Wayman in the IT Meeting Room - 13:20 to 14:00
  • Year 3 - PE Festival pm - children to come to school in PE kit with packed lunch - normal lessons in morning and back in time for normal end of school day
  • Judo Club with AS Judo in Main Hall - 12:20 to 12:50
  • Street Dance Club with Tuffney Dance in Main Hall - club finishes at 16:30


Future Dates:
Monday 2nd October - school individual and sibling photographs to be taken today. If you have registered for Cross School Sibling photograph please come to the Main Hall for 08:15 start and follow our basic guidelines:
  • Que in an orderly fashion when you arrive at the Main Hall and await your turn. 
  • Have your children ready to be photographed when it is your turn ie remove coats. 
  • Please follow the photographers instructions
  • You are responsible for your children whilst they are on site and you are also responsible for getting them to the Infant School
  • Imago have kindly extended their deadline to Monday 25th Sep so if you have not already registered for the Cross School Sibling photograph session please email the School Office by 1pm on Monday 25th Sep. We are sending a list of names in at 4pm on Monday and if children's names are not on that list the photography company will not be able to include you in the pre school photo session.


Tue 3rd October - Year 5 to attend Songs of Praise Service at Village Church - friends and family are welcome to join this service (11:30 Service)
Tue 3rd October - Year 6 Greek Day - children to come to school in Greek costume but please remember to send in coats etc as children will still be outside during break times.
Wed 4th to 6th - Year 4 trip to Woodrow High House - children to be dropped at Woodrow High House near Amersham 
Th 5th October - Open Day for Prospective Parents - please pass on details if you know any prospective parents who may wish to visit our school - no need to book.
Have a lovely weekend.