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Junior - Topsoil for Raised Vegetable Beds in Outdoor Learning Area

Dear Parents / Carers


This term we hope that the children will be working in the raised beds in the Outdoor Learning Area. Mrs Crosbie with her son Adam, have been working in the area during the past few weeks and have done a fantastic job preparing the raised beds.


Now we just need some top soil to finish off the beds ready for the children to start planting.

If any of you have any spare (bagged) top soil or compost that you would be able to donate it would be very much appreciated. If you could contact the School Office we can arrange drop off times to suit you.


If you do not have spare soil we have set up a fundraiser to accept donations towards the cost of buying some topsoil.  


You can make donations via ParentPay. If you have registered for alerts you should shortly receive a message that a new item Topsoil for Raised Vegetable Beds Fundraiser - April 2021 has been activated.  Please contact the School Office if you have any queries about using ParentPay.


Many thanks