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Junior - Summer Reading Challenge

Dear Parents/Carers and Pupils
Well done for all your hard work with your reading this term. You have been fantastic! We can see lots of you have been using Reading Eggspress as well as reading books with your families at home. 
Over the summer, I would like to set you a challenge, to help you to keep enjoying your reading and discovering new books over the summer. Keeping up your reading will help you greatly when we start school again in September. 
The reading challenge for this summer is attached. You can choose one bookmark to complete or try to do both, colouring in the activities as you complete them. There are more details on the attached pdf. 
If you need some ideas of what to read, you might like to start with your new year group's recommended reading list for ideas. These can be found here: Reading Lists for all Year groups  
Parents and Carers, there is also a relevant and useful list of texts which are part of the 'Reading Well' series, aimed at children ages 7-11. 
Reading Well for children supports the mental health and wellbeing of children, providing books which aim to help children coping with feelings and worries, daily life and getting through a tough time. The list of these texts can be found hereReading Well Book List for children
Thank you again for all your great work with reading. 
Have a lovely summer break. 

Miss Warner
Reading Coordinator