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Junior - Sports Day Update

Dear All


The Sports Day carousel of field activities will now take place in the morning and will start just after 9am. This is a change to the original plan to take into account the hot weather.


Parents and other family members are invited to watch the track events that will now take place on the school field in the afternoon starting at about 1.30pm.


The Lagger Close gate and the side gate from the car park at the Parsonage Road entrance will be open from 1:15pm to 1:30pm. Please avoid parking on Parsonage Road and Lagger Close.


Children will be able to sit in the shade between races in the afternoon but please be aware that there is limited shade for spectators. Please apply your suncream, wear a hat and bring along a drink (PTA are not serving drinks at this event)


All children will be returning to class once the track events have been completed. Parents may leave via the main school entrance at this point.


Children may be collected early today. Any parents who wish to collect their children early may wait in the main school hall once races have finished and when children return to class. Mrs Peal will inform parents waiting in the hall when children are ready to be collected from their class. 


Everyone leaving school at this point should leave either via the main school entrance or via the Lagger Gate (which will be open briefly and monitored by a member of staff)




Children may stay in school until 3:30pm for normal pick up.