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Junior - Social Distancing on the way to school and around the school site

Dear Parents and Carers,


A number of parents have raised concerns about social distancing on the Hillside Close path. In order to try and alleviate these concerns we would appreciate it if you could please follow this guidance.


  • Keep your children with you both on the path and when you enter the school site

  • Children should not be running around the school site and playing on the playground equipment - this includes both Junior children before going into class or when released from class at the end of the day as well as siblings

  • When walking up from the village use the right hand side of the path and likewise when walking down towards the village use the right hand side of the path. 

  • Please consider the time that your child needs to be picked up and don't enter the path too early. 

  • All 3 gates open at 8:45am for drop off and open at 3:10pm for pick up

  • If you arrive too early please wait at a social distance.

  • Consider using an alternative entrance- they are all open. I know this may be inconvenient but if it reduces the foot fall on this path that will help everyone. The entrance on Parsonage Road is not being used as much.


Together we can ensure that everyone feels safe and we all remain healthy.


Thank you


Elen Peal
Head Teacher