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Junior - School Lunch Questionnaire - September 2021

Dear Parent/Carer


As the provision of hot school meals has been disrupted due to current restrictions, we in the Finance committee of the Governing Body are taking the opportunity to review alternative suppliers for school lunches at the Junior School from September.  


We want to make sure that we can offer the best option for children, parents and the school taking into account nutrition, the preferences of you and your children, and value for money.  There are no current plans to change the provision at the Infant School.


Please would you be so kind as to answer this very short questionnaire so that we can use your views to make our decision on the way forward.  All school-provided options would meet the required nutritional standards for school meals and our intention is for meals to remain at the existing price £2.60.


School Lunch Questionnaire- May 2021


Many thanks for taking the time to respond.


With best wishes

Donna Westall

Chair of Governors