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Junior - Rock The Field @ CSG - Tuesday 20th July update

Dear pupils, parents and carers
A quick reminder of the details our Rock the Field event to be held tomorrow morning on the school field.
We shall be watching performances by former pupils at the school, playing both solo and as part of two bands.
The line up is :
Faye & Luke - playing piano solos
Not White Noise - playing a variety of genres as a band
Staarks - playing their own tunes and some other songs you may recognise
In order to create a festival feel, the day will be a non-uniform day, though it would be great if the children could wear their favourite (school-appropriate) festival attire or hats. 
The PTA will be selling sweets and novelty items and each class will have the opportunity to visit their bubbles stall
Due to Covid restrictions, the children will be kept in year group bubbles that are well distanced on the field with a suitable space to dance in as well. The PTA stalls will also be wiped down between visits and classes kept separate during their shopping session
We had planned to share details of the available novelty items with children today but we had a few network problems.
Photo sheets of the items that will be on sale are attached. Prices range from 50p to £3 per item
Inflatable microphones                       Hand operated battery operated fans
Tattoos                                                Rhinestone stickers 
Clip on hair braids                              Squeezy pea pod keyrings
UV/ spy pen                                        Pop it toy
Fidget 8 track ball game                     Mini Rubix snakes
Puzzle cube erasers 
There are a limited number of each item but there should be enough of a selection to give everyone some choice.
Thank you to the PTA for their help with this event.