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Junior PTA - Summer Fun & BBQ

Dear Parents & Carers,


Thank you to everyone who came to the Summer Fun & BBQ last Friday. I really hope you and your children enjoyed it.

If you had a photo taken with Doug the Pug, the photos should be in school next Thursday for distribution. Thanks goes to Mr Jackson, Doug the Pug and owner Cate Archer, for giving up their time to attend. 


I would like to thank all of the people who came along to help set up and the people who stayed behind to clear away too. The PTA are few in numbers so your help is really appreciated.


Thanks also to the parents and teachers who offered their time to help on the rotas. The games wouldn't have taken place if you weren't there with your stopwatches, children wouldn't have had sweets, ice creams or fun toys to play with and the inflatables would have been quite deflated without you.


A really special thank you to Sarah Rowden and Family for the amazing BBQ food, this lady also cooks all 400 of the sausages for Hot Dog Lunch! Don't forget to get your forms in by Monday!

This is my final year at the school and with the PTA but I am leaving happy in the knowledge that the very capable Kate Pearsall will be taking up the position of PTA Chair. I do hope some of you join her on the PTA team, it's not an easy task with so few members.

So from myself and the PTA team we wish you all a happy and safe Summer Holiday.


Thank you for your support.

Lisa Edmunds ( PTA Chair in need of the sofa!)