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Junior PTA - Christmas Fair Schedule

Dear Parents/Carers,


The Christmas Fair is fast approaching and with that in mind the PTA would like to update you on what will be requested in the next few weeks running up to Friday 2nd December


The Christmas Fair is a major fundraiser for the Junior School but it can’t run without your donations and help. We know we ask a lot of you around this time of year and would like to thank you in advance for supporting the PTA with this event.


Friday 18th November – Mufti Day, (Bring or wear trainers, please.)


  • Children can wear their own clothes in exchange for a donation to the Adult and Children’s Tombola.
  •  Items required - unwanted gifts such as toiletries, new toys, boxed chocolates, children’s sweets and bottles of alcohol. Alcohol will need to be brought to the office by an adult.
  • Please make sure all food items are in date.


Friday 18th November – Jolly Jars, Return before 30th November 


  • On Friday 18th November your child will be given two plastic jars which we would like you to fill with small toys, wrapped sweets and other small items that a child would like.
  • When you have filled your jars cover them with cling film and return them to the collection point near the office at any time from 21st Nov to 30th Nov.
  • Please remember nothing containing nuts and no used items.


Friday 25th November – Used toys & Books/DVD’s


  • Please bring in, from 25th Nov- 1st Dec, any unwanted used toys, boxed games, puzzles (please check if complete) books and DVD’s, all in good condition please.


Friday 25th November – Cake plates, Return Morning of 2nd Dec.


  • Your child will be given a cake plate, we would love for you to fill it with either one large cake or several cupcakes/fairy cakes. Please tell us what your cake is and list any unusual ingredients.
  • Please bring these in on the Morning of Friday 2nd Dec to the Dining Hall.
  • Please remember nothing containing nuts and label your containers 


In summary.....


Friday 18th November – Mufti day - Tombola prizes, Adult and children’s.


Monday 21st Nov – 30th Nov – Jolly Jars


Friday 25th Nov – 2nd Dec – Used toys, boxed games, puzzles, books /DVD’s


Friday Morning 2nd Dec– Cakes, (please label your containers)


To make it easier to remember please print out this summary and stick it on your fridge, but have no fear reminders will be sent out too!


A huge thank you from all the PTA team