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Junior - Nut Free Policy

Dear All


A quick reminder of the schools nut-free policy.  


We have a number of children attending this school who have a severe allergy to nuts - including both peanuts and tree-growing nuts (including hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and brazil nuts etc). This allergy is not just triggered through ingestion but can also be via touch and inhalation. 


Under no circumstances are items containing nuts or nut products to be brought onto site, either during the school day or before and after school. i.e. no packets of nuts of any variety for snacks


This request covers all food items in school from break time snacks and lunch boxes to birthday treats that get handed out to the children in class and cake sale items.  


Please do not send in peanut butter and Nutella/hazelnut chocolate spread on sandwiches and please carefully check ingredients of cereal bars. 


Your understanding and cooperation on this matter is very much appreciated.