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Junior - Illness - Covid symptoms and testing

Dear Parents/Carers


I know, like us, you are all doing your very best to keep each other safe as the holidays approach.  


We also realise that information in the media can be confusing, so we thought it might be helpful to clarify:


If you or your child have any symptoms that could be Covid (headache, new cough, temperature, etc.), that person should take a PCR test and stay at home until they receive a negative result.  If you can't get to a testing site, you can request a PCR test to be sent to you which you then send back for lab testing; you will be sent the results by text or email.  


You should NOT use a lateral flow test for someone who has symptoms.  They are designed to pick up people who have no symptoms.  If you take a lateral flow test at home in the first few days of having symptoms, it will likely give you a false negative result.


We hope that by all working together and testing as described above, none of our families will have to isolate for the holidays.