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Junior - External Clubs

Dear All
Below are details of the externally run clubs that we hope to have available during the Summer Term. Clubs are for all year groups unless otherwise stated below.

Monday - Cheerleading - lunchtime club open to all year groups - run by Charlotte Dunlop of Dance Mania - letter on website

Tuesday - Drama - lunchtime club run in the Main Hall by Mrs Golding (just turn up as usual).

Tuesday - Football - after school football run by PFO - letter on website

Wednesday - Science - after school club run by Science for Children 

Wednesday - French - after school club run by Little Language Academy - now available to children in Year 3 and Year 4 - letter on website

Thursday - Spanish - lunchtime club run by Club Espanol - letter on website
Thursday - Photography -  after school club run by Helen Rayner - letter on website

Friday - Judo - new lunchtime slot for this club (12:20 to 12:50)  run by coach Pete Lomax for AS Judo  - register online at:

Friday - Street Dance - after school club run by Tuffney Dance - letter to follow

Friday - Cookery - after school club run by Smart Raspberry Cookery - register online at - or letter on website

Where we have letters for these clubs they can be found attached to this email, others will be sent out as we receive them.