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Infant - Weekly reminders for w/c Monday 18th November

Dear Parent/Carer,   
Year 2 Evacuation Day: Thank you to the Year 2 team for organising such an exciting day to enrich the children's learning and to all the parents for providing such lovely evacuation outfits! The children had a great day!
Year 1 trip: The children have had a fantastic day at Milestones Museum learning all about toys from the past and comparing them with the toys of today. Thank you to all the parents who helped with the trip.  
School Website: We have added an Exhibitions and Events section on the community page - this week's highlighted exhibition is the Troy exhibition at the British Museum. 
Accident-Free in CSG: For the safety of your children and yourselves please remember to not park on School Lane, in the Memorial Hall car park or on the double yellow lines on Silver Hill. Blizzards Yard car park, behind the Co-Op, offers 1 hour free parking and we can issue you with a car park pass.
The week ahead:
Monday 18th November
  • Parents Evening  
  • PFO (after school)
Tuesday 19th November                                   
  • Dance Mania (Years 1 & 2 lunch time)
  • Multiskills (Years 1 & 2 lunch time)
Wednesday 20th November
  • WOW- hunt out the most colourful fallen leaf you can find on the way to school
  • Tennis (Years 1 & 2 lunch time)
Thursday 21st November    
  • French ( Years 1 & 2 after school)
Friday 22nd November
Future Dates
Friday 29th November: Year 1 Victorian Morning - more detail to follow but children will need a basic Victorian costume.
Friday 29th November: Birds of Prey visiting Reception 
Thursday 5th December: M&M Production of Snow White 
Monday 9th December: KS1 Christmas Production Dress Rehearsal 9.15 am - more detail to follow
Monday 9th December: Reception Christmas Production 2.15pm - more detail to follow
Tuesday 10th December: KS1 Christmas Production 9.15 am - more detail to follow
Wednesday 11th December: KS1 Christmas Production 9.15 am - more detail to follow
Wednesday 11th December: Reception Christmas Production 2.15 pm - more detail to follow
Thursday 12th December - General Election Day - No hot school meals as Memorial Hall is being used for voting
Friday 13th December: Christmas Jumper Day - more detail to follow
Friday 13th December: Reception trip to Shortenills 
Friday 13th December: Nursery Christmas Production time to be confirmed - more detail to follow
Wednesday 18th December: Christmas Party Day
Thursday 19th December: Christmas Church Service at 9.15 am
Thursday 19th December: School closes at 2 pm