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Infant - Weekly email - Friday 23rd October

Dear Parents and Carers,

It was very exciting to see all of the children dressed up today as their future selves. We had marine biologists, doctors, teachers, vets, shopkeepers and an array of would be footballers, actors and singers. We even had a fairy godmother- thank you Mrs Haynes! Thank you to everyone - it was a great way to end the half term of our work focusing on the wonderful book ‘Here We Are’.  


This term the school has introduced Google Classroom for setting and returning homework. The launch of this platform has gone well and there are now only a very small number of families across both schools who have not accessed it. If you would like further support with accessing Google Classroom please contact the school. Our Remote Learning Policy has now been added to the school website and can be found here


No Smoking/Vaping


Please can we remind all parents that smoking and vaping are not allowed on the school sites.


Pavements around the Schools 


We have had a complaint about dogs fouling the pavements around the school. I am sure that all of you, who are dog owners, are very responsible but it is important we share the concerns raised. Please continue to keep the children safe by dealing with any mess should your dog foul the pavements. Thank you


Accident Free in CSG


Junior School

It’s still great to see that the majority of people are parking at the playing fields and considerately around the village rather than driving up Parsonage Road. Keep up the good work!


Infant School

Thank you to the majority of people parking in Blizzards Yard car park and around the village, rather than drive up School Lane or parking on Silver Hill. 


It’s disappointing that there are still people parking across Crossing Corner and across Rectory Gardens. 

Please do not do this as you are not only blocking residents, but also forcing people to walk in the road with children. 


If you have elderly Grandparents or a person with a disabled badge dropping off or picking up your children, please come and talk to us so we can help you find an appropriate place to park.

After half term the parking warden will visit the local area. Please do not park illegally or block residents’ driveways.


Forest School Information


On your child's Forest School day please could your child wear their school shoes and bring in wellington boots for the afternoon session. 


Second hand Trousers Request


If you have good quality, second hand school trousers for children up to the age of 7 the Infant School would love some donations. Please place these in a plastic bag and ask your child to bring them in. We will quarantine these before we use them. Thank you


Infant School Pick up


At the end of the day please can all Year 1 and 2 parents go to the Shakman Playground to collect their children. Please do not collect your child from the line as the children walk past you. Staff are very concerned about safety and they want to be enabled to get the children on to the playground and then they will be dismissed. I know this may take a little longer and when it’s raining people may get more wet but we are trying to keep everyone safe. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Gentle Reminder


Please could we remind you that parents must not enter the school building.  Should you wish to speak to a member of the office, please either email the school or phone.  If you are outside already, please call us and a member of staff will come out to you.


Year 2 Information


Children will be bringing home information with regards to applying for a year 3 place. Please can we take this opportunity to remind you that you need to apply for a place at our Junior School. 


Midday Supervisor role


We are looking to recruit midday supervisors on a casual basis. Being on our casual staff list means that we would like to call on you to cover lunch time staff absences or when additional staff may be required. If you or anyone you know may be interested in these positions then please email the School Office. 


Data Collection Sheets for Years 1 and 2


Today we will be sending home data collection sheets which provide a summary of the information we hold for your child. It is extremely important that the contact information we retain at school is kept up to date.


Should any of the data we hold need amending, please email the school office with a subject of Data Collection Sheets followed by your child's full name. If no changes are required there is no need to notify us. Please DO NOT return the sheets to school as has been the expectation in  previous years.


Thank you for your help and support this half term.We hope you have a restful half term and enjoy some family time together. Take care and keep well.
Love Mrs Peal


The week ahead:


Monday 2nd November 

·  Training Day


Tuesday 3rd November     

·  School opens

·  STEM week starts

·  Glowstick sale (advance sales via ClassList and distributed in school)  


Wednesday 4th November

·  Sponsored Walk events end


Thursday 5th November

·    Parents Evening 5.30-8.00  


Friday 6th November



Future Dates


Monday 9th November 2020: Parents Evening 3.40-6.00

Thursday 12th November 2020: Flu vaccinations for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Tuesday 17th November 2020: Reception virtual playground games festival

Monday 1st March 2021: Parents Evening 3.40-6.00

Wednesday 3rd March 2021: Parents Evening 5.30-8.00