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Infant - Weekly Email - Friday 22nd October

Dear Parent/Carer,

We wish you a happy and healthy half term break. 
Walk to School Week 8th November
Due to so many children being absent this week, we will be rerunning our Walk to School Week! This will take place during the week commencing 8th November. During this week we ask that all of the children walk all or part of their route to school. Class teachers will keep a register of who has walked each day and the winning class will receive a whole class treat. We will also hold assemblies for each school to talk about keeping safe near the roads.
During the week the children who are taking part can:
Monday 18th - wear trainers
Tuesday 19th - wear their brightest headgear/bandana/headbands with trainers 
Wednesday 20th - wear their brightest socks/brightest odd socks with trainers 
Thursday 21st - wear their own jumper with school skirts/dresses/trousers with trainers
Friday 22nd - All children who have walked all or part of their route to school each day can wear their own clothes with trainers. Making sure they are warm and dressed sensibly for a day at school.
We hope you embrace this opportunity to walk together so we can reduce the pollution levels around the schools and improve wellbeing.
Children Starting School or Moving up to Junior School - September 2022
The portal to apply for a place through Buckinghamshire Council opens at 11am on the 3rd November 2021 and closes for online applications on the 15th January 2022.
Fireworks Please see the attached flyer for details of the village fireworks.

Monday 1st November


  • INSET Day


Tuesday 2nd November


  • School reopens at 08.45 am


Wednesday 3rd November


  • Portal opens for children starting school or moving up to Junior School in September 2022
  • Tennis (lunch time for Year 2)
  • French (after school for Reception, Years 1 and 2)


Thursday 4th November

  • Maths meeting for parents - time and place tbc
  • Gymnastics (lunch time for Years 1 and 2)


Friday 5th November

  • Tennis (lunch time for Year 1)


Future Dates


Monday 8th November - Friday 12th November: Walk to School Week

Monday 8th November: Parents Evening 15.40-18.00
Tuesday 9th November: Reception Winter Olympics
Wednesday 10th November: Year 1 trip to Milestones Museum
Thursday 18th November: Parents Evening 17.30-20.00
Friday 19th November: Children In Need