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Infant - Weekly email - Friday 19th March

Dear Parents and Carers,


I can’t believe that it is a year since the announcements began regarding restrictions for Covid 19. What a year it has been. Full of change, adjustments, quick turn arounds, risk assessments, policies and procedures. Today we celebrated Red Nose Day with a number of us wearing the t-shirts bearing the slogan- Team Work makes the Dream Work. I couldn’t be more proud of how the school team have adapted and kept going through out- they really are a dream team! The thing that has kept us all going is the children and making sure they come first. We, as you are- I am sure, are very proud of their resilience and hard work. They have kept going despite the difficulties we have all been through and have come back into school full of energy and ready for the next stage of their learning. Huge thanks and respect goes to all of you too -what a year you have had. Thank you for your hard work, support and resilience too.


Red Nose Day


We had a great Red Nose day and have managed to raise £300.00 across both sites for this wonderful charity. Thank you for your support. I hope the children enjoyed the day – they certainly looked the part in their red clothes and noses!


Visits and Trips


We are conscious that with current restrictions and the dates that the government have set out for our path out of lockdown that our usual trips and visits are not going to be possible this academic year. This week staff have begun planning some additional events for next term so that we can ensure that the children have some exciting experiences that further support them in developing strong, positive memories of this time. Please look out for information about these after the Easter break.


Non Classical Covid Symptoms


We would ask that you be aware of non class Covid symptoms in children- please see the letter with details of additional symptoms that have been identified as being indicators of Covid 19 and keep your childen at home if they have these symptoms.


Google Classroom


Please do not message the teachers on Google Classroom as these accounts are not regularly checked. If you need to contact your child's teacher please email the school office.


Accident free in CSG - Infant School


Thank you to those parking in Blizzards Yard car park and around the village, rather than driving up School Lane or parking on Silver Hill. 

I would just like to remind people to please not park or drive up School Lane. 


If you have extenuating circumstances, then please contact the school so we can try and help - otherwise, please park elsewhere to keep your children safe. 

Memorial Hall Lottery


Please see here for details of the Memorial Hall lottery.
Old Pallets


We have some old wooden pallets at both the Infant and Junior School, if any parent would like them please let the school office know.

Future Dates


Thursday 1st April: Year 2 Virtual Tennis Festival

Thursday 1st April: School closes for Easter

Monday 19th April: School opens for the Summer Term

Tuesday 4th May: Year 1 Virtual Athletics Festival
Friday 28th May: School closes for half term