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Infant - Weekly email - Friday 13th November

Dear Parents and Carers,


Your children continue to make us smile, please us with their hard work and amaze us with their focus and determination. Despite what is going on in the wider world our school bubbles are happy and safe places to be. This little corner of normal is going well and we are delighted that our safety procedures are working – long may it last.


Like you, the staff are balancing so many things outside of school and focusing on your children in school. Amongst all of this I know that kind words and kind gestures are the things that keep us going and we are grateful for these. Staff have commented on the lovely feedback they received during parents’ meetings. These comments have really helped us thank you. I am honoured to work with this great team and blown away by their positive attitude.


Armistice Day


I was really proud to escort the year 2 children on their walk to the War Memorial in the village on Wednesday this week. A small group of children laid a poppy wreath on behalf of the whole school to show our respects and we held a 2 minutes silence at 11 am.


Anti-Bullying Awareness Week 


This year we will be supporting the Anti Bullying Alliances Odd Sock Day on Friday 20th November. This was very successful last year with lots of wonderful brightly coloured socks.


More details are available on their website here will also be holding a range of activities in school during next week on an Anti-Bullying theme. Please note this is an awareness day only and not a fundraising event.


Switch Off Fortnight

The 16th of November sees the start of the annual ‘Switch Off Fortnight’ Eco Schools campaign which aims to teach children about the importance of saving energy and choosing renewable energy sources.
For the next two weeks the children will be monitoring their electricity use whilst at school and taking care to turn off lights and computer screens when they are not in use. Our newly appointed Eco Warriors will be keeping a keen eye on the energy use in school!
We would love for you to join us in educating the children on this topic and below are some ideas that you and your children might like to take part in.
Please do email in any photos of the activities you choose to do at home and we will print and display them on our Eco Schools board for the children to see!
Suggested activities:
-Have a family ‘energy saving evening’ by switching off the tv, computers, phones, radios and iPads for the entire evening! Sounds easy but it’s more challenging than you might think! Get creative with alternative activities!
-Turn down your thermostat, just a little, and wrap up warm in lots of layers instead!
-Turn off all of the appliances that are not in use. You could go on an ‘energy adventure’ in your home to see which appliances don’t need to be on standby or on.
-Try to find an alternative to using electricity. Use a broom or a dustpan and brush instead of the hoover, draw on a piece of paper instead of the drawing app! What other alternatives can you think of?
-Take a shorter shower! Use music to shower to and reduce the time spent in the shower and the water you use!
-Research how to save energy, the different energy sources or renewable energy sources and create a fact sheet or poster to show others what you have found out!
Have fun taking part in Switch Off Fortnight and we will look forward to seeing all of your photos!


Accident Free in CSG


Infant School

Thank you to those parking in Blizzards Yard car park and around the village, rather than drive up School Lane or park on Silver Hill. There are still a lot of people parking on Silver Hill and across Crossing Corner please avoid this area so that children remain safe on the way to school.


Junior School

Thank you to those parking at the playing fields and considerately around the village. 


Reminder that there will be roadworks on Monday 16th November on Deanway for five days. 


PTA News


Wreath making goes virtual Thursday 3 December 7pm
Come join in some festive fun with the much loved PTA wreath making event.  Amanda is back with her step by step guide to wreath making, this year via zoom! Simply check out the event on classlist to order your wreath & decorating kit. All you need to provide is some foliage and festive cheer!


The week ahead:


Monday 16th November 


Tuesday 17th November   


·  Reception virtual playground games festival 


Wednesday 18th November


Thursday 19th November


Friday 20th November


Future Dates


Monday 1st March 2021: Parents Evening 3.40-6.00

Wednesday 3rd March 2021: Parents Evening 5.30-8.00