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Infant - Weekly email

Dear Parents and Carers,


The staff are really enjoying getting to know their new classes and the school is a busy, exciting place to be. The new routines seem to be working well and the children have settled brilliantly.


Thank you to all those parents who are keeping social distancing rules and ensuring that we all keep safe.  Please keep these rules as we do have people within our community who are protecting loved ones who are vulnerable and they are feeling anxious. Together we can keep this virus away from our school family.


Bringing items home.

Where ever possible we will send things to you via email but there are some items such as certificates, pictures, keywords etc that children will need to bring home in their bags. These items have been handled by your child and minimally handled by staff from your child’s bubble.



If your child has a minor illness which is not one of the following symptoms:


A new and persistent cough

A temperature

Loss of smell and/or taste


And they are well enough to be at school please send them in.


Google Classrooms

Over the summer we have had some major IT updates and now our systems can run the google classroom system. This system can be used for setting, completing and returning online work. In the first instance we will use this for setting homework and if there are any future lockdown situations we will be able to use google classrooms.


Our Remote Leaning Policy is being developed and this will be shared with you once it has been completed. Over the next few weeks we will gradually introduce this system to you so that you and your children are able to use it successfully. By gradually introducing the system to everyone we can find and deal with any loopholes and ensure that it is working for all.

Internet access

Next week we will be sending home a simple survey that will be asking about the access that your child has to the internet. Please complete this as soon as possible so that we have the information we need about each year group.


Hillside Close Path -access to the Junior School

We did report the problems with the overgrown trees and shrubs on the path by Hillside Close last week. The council have now cleared the path and I hope that greater social distancing on this path is more possible. Please also remember that Lagger Close gate and the Parsonage Road gates are open at the beginning and end of the day. The Parsonage Road gate is very quiet.


Accident Free in CSG

Parking permits for the Blizzards Yard car park (behind the Coop) are coming home today. It would be really great if you could park there.

There is also parking available in the village, rather than driving up School Lane or parking on Silver Hill, Hillside Close and Lagger Close.

Please do not park in the Memorial Car Park or near across Crossing Corner at the Infant School as some people have been. This should be kept clear at all times so your children can cross safely. 

Thank you to those who have been parking at the playing fields and thoughtfully on Bowstridge Lane. 

Please remember to not block Lagger Close as it is not fair on the residents.     
Parent Evening Dates
Thursday 5th November 2020 5.30-8.00
Monday 9th November 2020 3.40-6.00
Monday 1st March 2021 3.40-6.00
Wednesday 3rd March 2021 5.30-8.00
We wish you a lovely weekend.