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Infant - Weekly Email

Dear Parents/Carers,




Over the coming weeks we'll be reminding your children not to walk in the middle of the road on School Lane and encouraging them to use The Crossing Corner (by the Keep Clear) as the safest place to cross.


Pupils can't cross here safely if people park over the end of this pavement and the Keep Clear. We're asking patrol volunteers to stand here as a deterrent and the leadership team will also try to speak with parents/carers whose vehicles are obstructing The Crossing Corner.


We're working with the council on ways to improve the pavements and parking and to cut back the overgrown bushes in front of Gardens Association Hall. We'll keep you posted.


This week the following vehicles were parked inconsiderately or illegally on School lane or on the double yellow lines on Silver Hill:


Red Citroen ****

Silver Seat ****

Silver Ford ****

Red Citroen ****

Silver Volvo ****


Parking on Deanway: Unfortunately we have had complaints from residents about the parking on Deanway, particularly in the mornings before school. Cars are being parked illegally on the double yellow lines which is not only unsafe but is also blocking residents from being able leave their properties. Please do not park on the double yellow lines and do not block cars in. We have contacted the local police about this and advised residents who are inconvenienced to do the same.


School Lunches:  We have noticed that some children are swapping between hot food and packed lunches each day.  Please could we remind you that the School lunches are either fully opt in or fully opt out as we do not have the flexibility to be able to cater for both as the same amount of food is ordered each day based on your initial school lunch preference. We do not want to be in a position that we either don't have enough food or have too much waste.  Your child either has to have all hot school meals or all packed lunches.  If you would like to change your initial order, please let the School Office know and then we can change your child's lunch requirement going forward.  To help with your decision, please see here for the lunch menu.


Monday 22nd January

  • Playball (lunch time) - please see flyer attached for Years 1 and 2

  • PFO (after school)


Tuesday 23rd January

  • Dancemania (lunch time)

  • Multiskills (lunch time) - please see letter attached for Years 1 and 2


Wednesday 24th January     

  • Reception Height and Weight checks

  • Nursery talk to parents 11-11.45am

  • Tennis (lunch time) 


Thursday 25th January      

  • Spanish (lunch time) 

  • French (after school)

  • Science (after school)


Friday 26th January

  • PTA Breakfast Cafe

  • Tennis (lunch time)


Future Dates:


Thursday 1st February: Year 2 Multiskills Festival

Thursday 8th February: Reception Time Travel Workshop

Friday 9th February: School closes at 3.15pm for Half Term

Monday 19th February: School opens at 8.45am