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Infant - Weekly Email

Dear Parents/Carers,
Year 1 Sport Festival: Year 1 had a fantastic morning at their Sports Festival on Monday and really enjoyed participating in lots of different sporting activities. Thank you to our parent helpers for accompanying the children at this event.

Justgiving Campaign: We would like to say a huge thank you to Cathy Calver for all her support with this and for setting up her own fundraising page to raise money for the school. She has raised over £700 through completing a variety of challenges set by her children! We still have our page until the end of May so if you or someone you know wishes to donate, please click here.


Fidget Spinners: Please can children not bring Fidget Spinners into school. They are causing too much of a distraction. Thank you.


Accident-Free in CSG: We've been pleased to receive so much positive feedback this week, with more parents volunteering to help with the school run rota – thank you. If your children help too, they will earn a Green Cross Code sticker to thank them for their efforts. We have also had thanks this week from parents whose children have had a near miss inside the Safety Zone in the past.


We've heard great examples of parents who 'park and stride' from Blizzards Yard to get their steps in for the day, as well as parents driving from nearby villages who regularly lift-share and minimise traffic. 


We appreciate that not having our own car park adjacent to the school does present challenges. However, we’d like to remind you of the Parking Promise you signed when your child joined - which includes a commitment to avoid using School Lane. To reiterate its importance, we'll be sending the Parking Promise out annually each September for the school year ahead, asking everyone who picks up your child to read, sign and return a copy for your family. You'll be asked to let Mrs Peal know if you have particular needs which mean that the Parking Promise may not apply to you. Then we can remove your vehicle from the updates below.

This week, the following vehicles were parked illegally on double yellow lines on Silver Hill, or unsafely around the Memorial Hall and School Lane:


 - - - -


If they haven't already done so, please could these drivers find alternative safe and legal parking outside the Safety Zone. Thank you!


Unfortunately we do need to report a near miss outside the Memorial Hall when a car went into reverse before noticing 5 children crossing behind.


Monday 15th May
  • Whole Class photos - now postponed to 15th June
  • Playball (lunch time) 
  • PFO (after school)


Tuesday 16th May
  • Dancemania (lunch time)


Wednesday 17th May       

  • French Club (lunch time for Reception children) 
  • Tennis (lunch time) 


Thursday 18th May           
  • Spanish (lunch time) 
  • French Club (after school for Years 1 and 2) 


Friday 19th May
  • Strawberry Fayre Mufti Day
  • Guitar Club (lunch time)
  • Tennis (lunch time)