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Infant - Weekly Email

Dear Parents/Carers,
Sponsored Walk: The children thoroughly enjoyed their sponsored walk and experiencing all the sights and sounds around our lovely village. A big thank you to all our parent helpers who came on the walk with us. 


Thank you to those who have already donated. The campaign will remain open until the 31st May so you can continue to donate and raise money for our school.


Please feel free to share this link with family members or the wider community. 
Accident Free in CSG: Thank you for your overwhelming support for our new initiative. Our launch newsletter is attached, in case you missed it. We have had volunteers and our local Police officers out this week and it has been a promising start. Already School Lane feels safer with significantly less traffic. Silver Hill has also seen a huge improvement, with fewer cars stopping illegally on the double yellow lines.

Two things will make the difference:

1) If we can all now keep this up! One parent put it beautifully: 

"I can't govern anyone else's behaviour, but if I do the right thing then that's a start".

2) Take a few minutes to talk to grandparents, childminders and anyone dropping off or picking up your child. Ask them where they park and discuss safer options a short walk from school. 

In spot checks this week, the cars below were parking illegally on the double yellow lines on Silver Hill or unsafely around the Memorial Hall and School Lane.


If you have since found an alternative place to park each day, then many thanks indeed for playing your part. If not, please could the drivers of these vehicles find parking elsewhere.


. . . 

Milton Hill crossing: We have received a letter from a resident who lives on Milton Hill. He has concerns about children waiting for older siblings from the Junior school digging up the ground outside his property. Please could you ensure your children are not engaging in this activity. Thank you.
Changes to Menu: 
Week 1:
Baked potato with cheese and beans or plain pasta with a choice of pesto or cheese topping.
Week 2:
Cheese and tomato pizza or tuna and spinach pasta. 
Week 3:
Baked potato with cheese and beans or plain omelette with hash browns and beans. 
2)Wednesday Roasts:
We have taken the turkey off the menu and will have a chicken roast each Wednesday. Week 1 will be with Yorkshire pudding, weeks 2 and 4 will be with stuffing.
Please find attached an updated menu and allergen sheets.
Website Calendar: it is possible to subscribe to events from the school website calendar so that they download into your own personal calendar on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

All you need to do is visit the calendar on the school website here and click the link called ‘Link the school events to your personal calendar’. You can then choose from three options: to add to your default calendar (for example, on an iPhone it will go to the iPhone calendar); to add it to your Google calendar; or input it to your calendar programme of choice.

Things to know:

  • If the school edits its calendar, the updates will appear automatically in your calendar (the time that this takes to happen will depend on your calendar programme).
  • You cannot edit the events in the school calendar.
  • All events will pull through in one colour only, not the colours set by the school.
  • You can name the calendar and choose how often to receive updates (we recommend you set this to as often as possible).
  •  You can unsubscribe via your own calendar at any time. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please let the office know and we can forward them to the school’s website provider

Sainsbury's vouchers: It's the final weeks to collect Active Kids vouchers from Sainsbury's. We are still collecting them so please pop them into the collection box by the reading books outside the main hall. Many thanks.
Communication: If you have any paperwork for the Infant School please do not leave it in your child's book bag but place it in the 'communications' box in reception. Thank you
*** PTA 100 Club draw for April ***

Congratulations to Jeanette Gibson, who is this months winner.

Well done, your winnings are in the reception office ready for you to collect!

Monday 8th May
  • Year 1 Sports Festival 9.30-11.30
  • Playball (lunch time) 
  • PFO (after school)


Tuesday 9th May
  • Dancemania (lunch time)


Wednesday 10th May       

  • French Club (lunch time for Reception children) 
  • Tennis (lunch time) 


Thursday 11th May           
  • Spanish (lunch time) 
  • French Club (after school for Years 1 and 2) 


Friday 12th May
  • PTA Breakfast Cafe
  • Guitar Club (lunch time)
  • Tennis (lunch time)